Snow Day?? Nope..

So, here we are in the mountains and it looks like we may have some snow tomorrow.. makes me shiver to think about it. People are filling up their gas tanks and buying up the bread and water in the stores. Here in our valley, we are predicted to get between one and three inches.. and then it is going to freeze – seriously freeze.

We will still open our shop, and still work online.. and still fill our orders.. Not going to be closed.. have too much to do.

Our workshop is unheated, so we will layer up and do mostly clean up and material inventory tomorrow. Today, we worked in the shop – it was 42 degrees – but no breeze..

We have some new mini-drawer boxes, and presentation boxes that will be ready to wax and buff tomorrow – that should not be a problem..

Oh, and we are beginning to put some of our boxes on Amazon again.. just a couple ..  but it is a start.

Hope you don’t have too much cold in your part of the world. We are looking forward to spring again..

This was a couple of years back – we love the silence of snow.. but don’t need this … 🙂

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