where to put the hair accessories

so, most of January was spent migrating listings from “regular” Amazon to handmade at Amazon. So far, we have moved the jewelry and the pocket mirrors. (really grateful for the ability to upload listings in a text file.. still slow, but faster than doing it one at a time)

Anyway, we still have to deal with putting on the kitchenware, the boxes, and the hair accessories. I have been letting the Etsy listings fade out.. but due to some requests, now have a selection on Etsy – mostly these are “choice” listings. A “choice” listing lets you choose the wood species and functional prong length of the hair fork. Phil & I do mostly custom hair forks so it is a way for you to make your choice without much “to-do”.. 

We have a few hair forks on Amazon still and eBay as well.. We hope to build available inventory on all the sites – Amazon, eBay, Etsy and of course here – our “online home”.

You would not think it has to be complicated.. but I continue to plod along. We are still planning – Spring Break is sneaking up on us – and Valentine’s Day as well..

Padouk short flair hair fork – perfect for small buns

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