When did the rain begin? It is hard to remember, but it is still raining. We don’t malign the rain – we remember when we did not have enough and the trees cried out and curled their leaves.
Crossing the bridge, the river reminds us of its potential. great branches flow by. We have seen the river higher.
The constant rain wears on us. The ground in our yard is like an over saturated sponge. Springs are running down the neighbors from the top of the hill..

Rain is not like snow.. we don’t get to snuggle in warm blankets, with extra socks, stay home and shut the world away. When we have extended periods of intense moisture, we try to stay alert and get ahead on our projects..
We don’t close the gallery. We continue to find time in our studios.. We have fewer interruptions.. and maybe drink a little more coffee to combat the urge to crawl under a blanket and sleep.

This is February. Our grass is growing..  the creeks are rising.. some area schools are on closed because of some flooding..

This beautiful pendant by Elisabeth went home today..  Cobalt blue dragonfly with golden dichroic pendant

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