they say time is relative.

I could spend a lifetime writing trite trivial sayings.. ” best-layed plans” is one. Multi-tasking is real. Wearing too many hats is real. I simply cannot believe we are almost halfway through March. I have been working on listings every day, but no matter how many things I list and where I list them, it is never enough. We are adding boxes, jewelry, and hair accessories…

We have figured out where we are putting the hair forks and it is here. We will keep a few on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, but this is where they will live.

We have been inventorying the hair forks in process and are now listing them by actual availibility. I have done three listings so far – the Seabird, the Corvus the smaller Midi-Corvus. Additionally, I have a small selection of FINISHED hair forks that are ready to ship.

We are also updating our Woods We Love page. It has been on our web site for many years, but the photos dropped off when we had a hard drive issue last summer.

I have figured out how to do the variations and things should pick up now.. We have new jewelry and new boxes that are waiting for photos. As most of our hair fork customers know, we make our hair forks, picks and pins sized for all kinds of hair and updos. Phil & I do each piece one at a time by our hands. Over the years, by responding to customer requests, we have developed a pretty extensive set of variations in size, wood species, and style of hair forks.

I know we are slow, but am grateful to all you guys and also grateful we are able to fill out this web site.

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