We are so grateful for you, our customer, and are doing our best to adapt to the new normal here in Western North Carolina.

The gallery has been closed to the public for about six weeks now. To say it has been an experience is, to put it mildly, an understatement.

We, like so many in our world today, are facing challenges like never before. We are socially distancing, and working either from home or from our workshop or office (where the computer is).

We don’t know what the future holds concerning re-opening the shop to the public, but we are committed to making and filling orders.

We make and use hand sanitizer from 151 proof grain alcohol and organic aloe vera gel from South Texas. We are sanitizing everything, making and wearing masks when we go out. We are not shopping at all in grocery stores.

As craftsmen, we have to plan for winter as sales are few and far between during the first few months of the year. so we stock up on stuff. That has held us well. lots of beans, rice, lettuce, and greens growing in pots at the apartment…. growing sprouts. This is the first time in our lives that we have considered food may be an issue in the future. I dug into our big freezer and found 20 pounds of soybeans as well as about that much in pintos, plus adzuki beans, black beans, and small red chili beans.

We are doing some things differently. For instance, we eat from a bowl mostly.. either soups or greens with beans.. or greens with beans and soup. Creative cooking. I am using up things that have hidden in the back of the pantry.. all the bits and pieces.

We bake our bread, make tortillas (corn and flour). It is all tasty and good and amazing.

We have had some issues with moods. I mean, after all.. we have gone to the workshop, then opened the gallery from 10 AM to 5:30 PM then back to the workshop to finish up for five to seven days a week since the late 80s. Before that, we mostly did art shows and markets which allowed for creative downtime and puttering.

Now, we are finding our bio-rhythms again – not so tied to the clock. We are now six weeks into the non-schedule. As craftspeople, we are such a small business that we don’t qualify for bail-outs.. and that is ok, as we chose a pretty independent existence.. we could never in a million years have prepared for what is a complete shutdown. So, we move forward.

We are trying to focus online now. We are not computer people and it seems that it takes a lot of time to do the simplest thing.

Our goal is to get all of our finished work on this website. Finished work ready to ship. We also continue to do special made-to-order items in kitchenware and hair accessories.

Thank you.

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