Gallery 26 Online – Day One

Phil & I have started putting our finished work on the web site today. It is going to be slow going, I think.. but maybe I will get better at it.

We make these sweet little lift top boxes that are perfect for keeping a ring or your gold beads and loose gemstones. They are always small and cut from a single piece of wood.

Here is a link to the ones that are ready to ship today..

Elisabeth has made more sun catchers and beaded earrings. Today is her birthday – What a remarkable woman she is. We are fortunate that our family works together. Gonna make a little cake to celebrate..

and she makes bracelets..

Phil has added a new Arch style band saw box..

We are working as best we can.. we have a lot to photograph and list. but in these times, I guess we have a lot more time as well..

I would be remiss if I failed to link Nathan Baerreis "Shelter in Place" project.

I will get better at this.. hopefully.

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