Day 4 – going through the beaded earrings..

So, here’s the deal.

We don’t always take a photo and make a listing of each piece that we make. We sometimes just enter it into inventory at the Ipad without a photo and with minimal description.

That works well when we are open, but it means a lot of tedious checking to see what is photographed and what isn’t.

Today I spent the majority of the day going through SOME of Elisabeth’s beaded earrings. I justified the listings on her pages, so now the ones that show as available to ship are there. That is roughly one-third of the earrings.

You see, everything we make is one of a kind.. Sure, we may make a puzzle box in general shape from maple or ash or padouk, but that box is really one of one.

When Elisabeth fashions her beaded earrings, she may use a Czech fire-polished bead or a Swarovski crystal briolette in a certain color, but the accent bead is not the same. Maybe she is using sterling silver to wire the beads..and then the next pair may utilize fine copper wire..

So, you see, every pair of earrings is essentially one of one.

So today, I sorted through a small bit of jewelry that is made and actually photographed. Tomorrow, I will start photographing the jewelry and sun catchers and beaded stars and then list them on the web site.

I have quite a few pieces listed in our online shops

With Mothers’ Day approaching, we want to have a nice selection available for shipping. Our cut off date for shipping Elisabeth’s jewelry to arrive by May 9th (Mother’s Day) is May 1, 2020.

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