well, this is taking a lot more time – Day 5

I like to think I am efficient. Maybe somewhat capable.

This morning I had a slow start. I slept late, did not get up until 7am.
Then I sat on the sofa for a bit before breakfast.

My partner, Phil, (he is a morning person – always bright and ready to go) brought me fresh black coffee as we settled into making a list for the day. I am not a morning person, so coffee helps. I don’t drink as much of it as I used to.. but two cups and I am ready


I felt tired today. You know, we just don’t know the future. Never did.. but now, even the simplest, most predictable things are not for sure.

We don’t have to open the gallery. It is closed.

We don’t have to make new things for the gallery. It is closed.

This is our habit… our livelihood.

We are really fortunate that we are able to stay busy. God knows there is not enough time in a day or a year to do everything we have on the “big list”..

Today I worked on the jewelry and put a couple of box listings up.

Phil & I are makers. I feel like I don’t get enough done – but I know this (this website) is probably our future marketplace. We are investing our time in it. ..

I made a lentil soup that was really decent last night – had it for lunch today..

lentils, chicken broth, mixed vegetables.. We ate it with our collard greens and the flavors were quite delicious.

Going home now to the apartment to figure out the next meal.. assembled from the leftovers in the fridge.

Tomorrow is another day.

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