day six. hope this comes together.

I am not going to write much today. I am working mostly offline at the moment. I have some masks to make for the family.

I don’t want to sound negative, but this whole uprooting of our business is pretty challenging.

Over the years, we have made a lot of different things for our gallery. It has worked for us because we really enjoy what we do – making things.. and we are grateful that people like our work enough to purchase and give as gifts and allow us to live and create.

I seriously doubt we are very different from most designer/craftspeople – we are skilled artisans.

I was on a forum about 15 years ago that was made up of ACC artisans. I got some blowback because Phil & I (and Elisabeth) do our own work. We don’t have employees.. and we do the hard stuff as well as the “fun” stuff. I was told by more than one that I was wasting my time doing the “grunge” work.

Well, maybe they had a point. I don’t mind work. I am not “better” than any part of what we make.

But here is where we are right now.

Over the past 40 some odd years, we have developed quite a few categories (some might call them “lines”) of “product”..

Phil & I do wooden boxes, furniture, puzzles, carved hair forks and barrettes, kitchenware, bowls, and folk toys.. (as general categories). We also do prints and carvings.

Elisabeth works in glass, metal, gemstones, paints, knits, and more – making cards, jewelry, textiles, .. I could go on.

Nathan makes prints, cards, art pendants as well as doing a full schedule of photo-shoots of all kinds – from formal weddings to headshots. (He is currently working on a COVID 19 inspired project of which is growing by leaps and bounds.

So, my point is that I am trying to put all this online in a cohesive manner as we shift our “business” from the brick and mortar to online only.

Additionally, in the Baerreis family tradition, we are researching new ideas for new products in the print field.. which is intense.

I am sorry I am slow.. I wish I were ten people. and maybe those folks, my peers from the American Craft Council forum were right – I should have learned to delegate ..

too late.

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