how did I get to DAY EIGHT???

Ok.. I missed posting yesterday –

Do you know how it is when you don’t clean your house every day?? How things pile up in a corner and when you finally notice, it is a pain to put stuff in order again?

Well, that is how our web site is .. I spent the last two days getting things in order.. still not done, but almost. Any progress is good.

I am reminded of the answer to the old riddle, “How do you eat an elephant?”

“One bite at a time”

I am actually pleased with my progress.. I am working in the evening on some carved wooden hair forks to list soon..

I know this is short. but know that you are important. If we all try to keep inside as much as possible and wear our masks; wipe stuff down. then hopefully we will be done with this pandemic sooner rather than later.

I am glad children are home with their parents.. I am sad that many are facing a loss of income because their jobs are gone temporarily. I feel it is much more important to stay healthy and take care of our neighbors than squabble about the politics of it.

It is our reality now. Take care and stay sheltered.

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