The Puzzles are Coming!

We have been working on our puzzle project since March.

The studio/gallery remains closed to the public (unless they ask to come in and wear a mask) since March 7.

We have been diligently working on getting lined up for online sales.

New for us is having our images printed in a puzzle format. It took a little cajoling, but Elisabeth and Nathan did finally agree. We may get the first four puzzles in as soon as tomorrow.

Additionally, we are still making our furniture puzzle, cat puzzles, train puzzles, and other three dimensional puzzles to order.

I don’t know how many remember, but we did handmade, hand-cut wooden puzzles back in the 90s. We are working that out again – Martha’s scroll saw was lost to the fire in 2000, but she has been working out an alternative.

She tried to make an antique that was gifted to us in 2008 work, but there are no parts available. We are still working on that saw to get it functional.

Then we found a nice looking saw on Craig’s list – and felt lucky to get it (Excalibur original). It is a good size but has a terrible vibration issue. so it is on hold.

Monday we got delivery of a very small, inexpensive WEN scroll saw. We will be working on it this afternoon.

In the meantime, we are working out the listings for the new boxed puzzles.. They are made by a British company that has a base in Canada and the USA. The puzzles themselves are made in Taiwan.

This is a beginning and beginnings take a long time

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