Things are coming into focus on the website finally.. (hopefully)

Got up at the regular time and shook off most of the too busy mind thoughts and dreams. I think in this time of pandemic and uncertainty, it is not unusual to have a racing mind.

I was thinking about when we first opened the little shop in Charleston,SC back in 1990 – We visualized an interesting place – full of our handmade band saw boxes and hand cut puzzles.. We found a storefront but the landlady wanted toys. We liked the place so we dropped our vision and shifted into our version of hers.

Fast forward through the 90s, losing our workshop in 2000 to a fire, moving from Charleston to western NC.. the past 20 years have been full.. We settled into having a studio/gallery and doing a little online.. We have passed through a lot of doors over these past years. We survived. in a sometimes not perfect environment.

Throughout the past 50 or so years that Phil & I have partnered and collaborated in the design and execution of our work – we have faced challenges.. health, financial, disaster.. but we have always found a path forward..

Because we are where we are, we are continuing to keep the doors to our studio/gallery closed. We wear our masks, we wash our hands, we socially distance.

It has been one of the greatest challenges that we personally have faced.. We cannot shift to art shows – there are none. There are some markets, but they are far away. So, we are faced with shifting our focus online.

Having puzzles made for us to sell – by a company – is something new for us. It is kind of thrilling to do something brand new. As an introductory, we are offering free domestic shipping on the boxed puzzles through the end of the month.

We surely hope you like them and feel comfortable ordering from us on this site.

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