About Us

Gallery 26 is the latest iteration of the Baerreis family’s collaborative art space. Each member of the family (as well as two guest artists) is represented in a curated collection of their work, available for purchase. Collectively, the family and friends space showcases over 250 years worth of artist experience across many different types of media.

Martha and Phil Baerreis began making their living with their wood art in 1972, and they raised three children who have each spent their adult lives as professional artists as well. Nathan is a photographer, Elisabeth creates unique jewelry using various glass and metalworking techniques, and George is a musician. Other artists include a wonderful basket maker and a great potter.

When you visit our gallery space you’ll see a wide range of items including functional sculpted wooden art boxes, glass and metal jewelry, suncatchers, mobiles, kitchenware, wooden bowls, pottery of all sorts, paintings, photography, knit and crocheted items, traditional Appalachian basketry, woven art baskets, collaborative pieces, and more. All of it is available for sale through our shop and online.

One of the most intriguing aspects of visiting our gallery space is that when you walk in you’re greeted by one of our artists. This means that there’s no gap between you and the creator of the work you’re looking at, and the experience is usually pretty fun!