It’s not just January

Here we go – three weeks ’til Valentine’s Day… and we are still planning for it! We have been busy with all the end of year stuff as well as the beginning of year stuff.. The gallery hours are short now – but we are often still in the back working.. The shop is open Wedns – Sat – from 11 – 5.

We are cleaning up the workshop, getting our online venues current.. dusting the shelves.. organizing like crazy.. This week has been focused on migrating listings to Amazon Handmade..

You may not have known we sell on other venues online but we do. It makes our work available no matter where you are.

We have had a web site since 1995 . ( Once we changed our studio/gallery in 2012 by moving to Murphy, NC, we also added another web name..… which has our current “ready to ship” inventory.. great things that are in the physical gallery.

On our other venues, (ebay, etsy and amazon) we have some things that are ready to ship and some things that we make “to order”.. If you see a listing on our site that shows as “unavailable” or “read more” and want one like it, reach out to us! if we have the materials (which we mostly do) we will be happy to make one just for you!

Enjoy shopping with us.. we aim to please!

Here is a piece we listed today on Amazon handmade – a perfect sweet pendant  that anyone would love. We package each piece of jewelry in a gift box in a velour pouch..