Listing today Artsy Flash (a little flash of art)

You know, we make a lot of different things.. A few years back – maybe 2008 or so – we looked around and saw all this “art”.. drawings, photos, paintings.. and we figured, “We need to get these out there..” We began to make pocket mirrors, magnets, pin back buttons – small inexpensive gift items.. We think of them as “accessible” art..

Moving forward, we started putting a few online on our website, amazon, etsy, ebay and various other venues we no longer use.. I seriously doubt we will ever get all of them listed.. but we will always have a few. We label them with our ArtsyFlash (a little flash of art) logo.

We are currently migrating our listings from general listings to the handmade category on amazon… It is a tedious process.. but we are working every day on them.

We have original images sourced from our paintings, wood cut prints, doodles, photos and digital art.. and sometimes found items.. that we make into collages or from ephemera and antique stamps and stuff.

We hope you enjoy these and keep them in mind for Easter baskets, little memories of the southern Appalachians, or accessories for your evening bag.. They also make great bridge party favors, Christmas stocking stuffers, locker mirrors, and when a person is bed-ridden and needs a small mirror to “freshen-up” these work well for that, too.

We always have a selection made up at the Gallery – and we can do custom, too.. just use the contact page and we will work it out with you.