Baerreis spatulas continue to be a customer favorite. Phil & Martha make them one at a time in their woodworking studios. We make several sizes and shapes of spatulas. Our designs originate fulfilling a need in our own kitchen.

We love to cook, and our customers do as well.

We make large spatulas that will handle a grilled cheese sandwich or flip an egg or pancake. We make our stir fry spatulas available as singles in both left and right-hand orientation as well as matched pairs. They are available in different lengths. Long enough to handle a wok on a hot outside grill – up to 18 inches long. We make short spatulas with an ergonomic curve in the handle. WE make a 7-inch brownie spatula, so named because we love making bar cookies. It is perfect for getting that first little corner piece out of the pan. We make a beautiful angled deglazing spatula in two sizes.

Our spatulas are made of local domestic hardwoods from the eastern forests of the southern Smokie Mountains.

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Showing all 3 results