Corvus Style Hair Fork Five Prong


This is a made to order listing. It reflects the Corvus style hair forks that we are currently able to make.. We are not replacing some of the rare exotic woods we all love.  Most domestic woods that are local to our area are almost always available.  Phil and Martha take great care and make each Corvus comb by their hands.

The Corvus has 5 prongs. The width of the comb is about 3 inches across.  The prongs are spaced approximately 1/4″ apart. Choose the functional length and wood species.  Your comb will be made and shipped within 5  business days.  This style has a simple curve in the prongs to fit your head.. Our “Corvus” design series is sure to please and become one of your favorites of our many original hair comb designs!

Handcrafted with care in the beautiful southern Appalachian mountains by Phil & Martha who are well known for their high-quality hair accessories and designs..



Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

Regular, cardinal-wood, 3-75-functional-length, bolivian-rosewood, 4-inch-functional-length, chechen, 4-5-inch-functional-length, bolivian-rosewood, 5-5-inch-functional-length, chakte-viga-exotic-hardwood, 4-5-inch-functional-length, canary-wood, 4-5-inch-functional-length, zebra-wood, 4-75-inch-functional-length, cocobolo-rosewood, 4-inch-functional-length, bolivian-rosewood, 4-5-inch-functional-length, yellow-wood-pau-amerello, 4-5-inch-functional-length, birds-eye-maple, 4-5-inch-functional-length, maple, 4-5-inch-functional-length, bocote-cordia-wood, 3-75-functional-length, bolivian-rosewood, 3-5-inch-functional-length, zebra-wood, 3-5-inch-functional-length, bubinga-rose-wood, 3-5-inch-functional-length, cardinal-wood, 4-5-inch-functional-length, wenge-wood, 4-5-inch-functional-length, wenge-wood, 5-5-inch-functional-length, bubinga-rose-wood, 5-5-inch-functional-length, bubinga-rose-wood, 3-75-functional-length, zebra-wood, 4-75-inch-functional-length, black-walnut, 4-5-inch-functional-length, black-walnut, 3-5-inch-functional-length, cherry, 4-5-inch-functional-length, cherry, 3-5-inch-functional-length