Finny Style Shortie Wooden Hair Fork


The Baerreises design and carve original design hair forks one at a time by hand.  This Finny is a “shortie” hair fork with two prongs and a  slight curve to fit the head. The top is about 2 – 2.25 inches in width.  The functional length varies.

Choose the functional length and wood species. We will make and ship your hair fork within 5  business days.

We are not replacing some of the rare exotic woods we all love.  Most domestic woods that are local to our area are almost always available.

Handcrafted with care in the beautiful southern Appalachian mountains by Phil & Martha who are well known for their high-quality hair accessories and designs..

**  If you have a request, you know to contact us and if we can make it, we will!


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zebra-wood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, yellow-wood-pau-amerello, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, padouk-padauk-vermillion-red-wood, 3-5-inch-functional-length, chakte-viga-exotic-hardwood, 3-75-functional-length, bolivian-rosewood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, wenge-wood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, brazilian-tulipwood-rosewood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, macassar-ebony, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, mulberry, 3-75-functional-length, african-blackwood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, cherry, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, bocote-cordia-wood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, purpleheart-wood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, gabon-ebony, 3-5-inch-functional-length, gabon-ebony, 3-7-8-inch-functional-length, cocobolo-rosewood, 3-5-8-inch-functional-length, cardinal-wood, 3-75-functional-length


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