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Phil cuts this small mahogany puzzle box one at a time on his band saw. The size of this box is approximately 3.5″ x 2″ x 2″. Mahogany is a fine stable cabinet wood favored by woodworkers for its color, durability, and finishing properties. Your box will be made to order and will be similar. Each box is signed and dated with the wood species marked on the bottom. Please allow 7 business days prior to shipping.

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Your small Honduran mahogany wooden puzzle box will be made to order. Phil loves to make puzzle boxes. After 50 years he still continues to make each piece entirely by hand using his band saw.
He selects a piece of wood. The grain pattern in the wood dictates and determines the shape of the box.

The process is simple. Phil makes each box from a single piece of wood. He selects a piece of wood. Looking at it, he lets the grain determine how he cuts it. Using his band saw, he cuts the box into pieces designed to accentuate the unique grain.

He glues the pieces back together. The box cures and dries for a period of time. When the box is ready, he sands and finishes the piece. The process for an individual box takes several days. Once the box is through the sanding and finishing process, Phil signs and dates it. Additionally, he engraves the wood species on the bottom of the box. He lines each box with a custom cut piece of removable brown felt. Using felt lining facilitates ease of cleaning.

Please allow 7 business days for your box to be shipped

All designs are the intellectual property of Phil Baerreis, 1972-present, all rights reserved

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