Three-piece Cat Puzzle by Phil Baerreis – Red Oak


Designer-crafted cat puzzle made by Phil Baerreis in the Beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains – this little puzzle appeals to people who love cats and cat collectibles – As a gift for the nursery or decor for the office – your present and future cat aficionados will enjoy this as a puzzle and as a piece of folk art – Looks beautiful set among the ivy in the transom window or on the bookshelf as bookends. We repeat this design, however, your puzzle will be unique: the grain pattern will vary – and each is freehand cut on our bandsaw and by Phil in our studio-workshop! All designs, text, and photos are the intellectual property of Phil & Martha Baerreis, dba Designs by Baerreis, 1972 – present all rights reserved.

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Phil designed this puzzle in the mid-80s and it has been a customer favorite ever since. Each one is cut and made by hand. The cats have quite a lot of personality.

He cuts it by hand on his band saw. Then sands each piece, finishing it in our proprietary blend of oils and waxes. The patina develops beautifully with age.

It is approximately 6.5″ tall x about 4.25″ wide. This one is about 1.5 inches thick Red Oak.

It is signed and dated.

It is a great gift for the cat person on your list at Christmas and is often used as well as nursery decor.

it is recommended for age 3 and up.

All designs are proprietary and copyright by Phil Baerreis, dba Designs by Baerreis

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