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Bella Style Gabon Ebony 4 FP

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Bella Style hair comb Gabon Ebony 4 inch functional length

 Hair Fork Bella Style Gabon Ebony Designs by Baerreis  - Beautiful Functional Hair Fashion!

  • Handcarved from a piece of  African Gabon Ebony in Southern Appalachian Mountains
  • Functional Prong Length is 4Inches
  • Width about 3.5 inches
  • The Grain will vary from the photo as your fork will be made to order
  • Sanded smooth  and soft, It will securely hold your hair -
  • Hand made, crafted and carved in the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains by Phil or Martha.
  • It is very wearable and fits the natural curve of the head and for maximum comfort and secure fit.
  • Each piece is carefully rounded and smoothed.

Whether you are going to the prom, a business meeting or an afternoon in the park, you will love putting your hair in a casual up do with this beautiful hair fork.

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This design is the intellectual property of Designs by Baerreis, copyright 1972 -present all rights reserved