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Herons Cardinal wood Choose Length

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Cardinal Wood Heron hair stick pair

Heron Style Hair Stick Pair Cardinal Wood Designs by Baerreis  - Beautiful Functional Hair Fashion! 

Whether you are going to the prom, a business meeting or an afternoon in the park, you will love putting your hair in a casual up do with this beautiful hair fork.

  • Handcarved one pair at a time in Southern Appalachian Mountains
  • Choose Length - measured from the base of the "head"
  • The Grain will vary from the photo as your hair sticks will be made to order
  • Sanded smooth  and soft,  they will securely hold your hair -
  • Hand made, crafted and carved in the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains by Phil or Martha.
  • They are very wearable and fits the natural curve of the head and for maximum comfort and secure fit.
  • Each piece is carefully rounded and smoothed.

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As a symbol, the Heron is always positive.. for instance, Egyptians see the Heron as the creator of light - double headed Heron in Egypt is symbolic of prosperity. In China, herons are symbols of strength, purity, patience and long life. Throughout Africa, the Heron was believed to have the ability to pass between the natural world and the spiritual world - thus was considered a great communicator between humans and their Gods. Indigenous North American Indians observed the birds, noting their intelligence and curiosity making the heron a symbol of wisdom and good judgment.. and believed that if they saw a heron at the beginning of a hunt, it meant they would be successful.

The heron is a beautiful creature, exhibiting grace, and noble stature. She is considered a symbol of working with the natural elements of nature rather than struggling against it.

This design is the intellectual property of Designs by Baerreis, copyright 1972 -present all rights reserved