A Family Affair


What’s in Store?

Gallery 26 promises a personalized experience. Visitors are greeted by one of the artists whose work is for sale. There is no gap between the visitor and the creators. It is the selling venue for the work of four independent artists who happen to be family.  It isthe Baerreis family’s cooperative art space.

Starting in Austin, Tx in the early 1970s, art simply became what we do.  We are a family of five independent artists who display and make available for sale in a cooperative venue many beautiful gift items as well as collectible art. We do also represent other artists by invitation.

Phil & Martha work primarily in wood, creating functional sculptural boxes as their main focus since 1972.  They also make a range of hand-carved hair combs as well as folk toys and kitchenware.

Elisabeth works in various mediums including acrylics, alcohol inks, fused glass, wire, textiles, and more. She focuses on jewelry utilizing and combining various glass, beading and metalworking techniques.

Nathan’s photography captures the joy of life – in nature, portraiture, family as well as music events. Prints and art pendants are available here.  He takes commissions nationally and internationally.

George is a musician working with a number of different groups as well as studio work. He composes and plays in a variety of venues and musical groups.  He works in various mediums as well. He is a skilled mixologist and loves to cook, is a pit-master, working out delicious smoked meat recipes. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of visiting our gallery space is that when you walk in you’re greeted by one of our artists. This means that there’s no gap between you and the creator of the work you purchase.  The experience is usually pretty fun!

Our gallery and web site offer unique items suitable for gifts and collecting including functional sculpted wooden art boxes, glass, and metal jewelry, suncatchers, mobiles, kitchenware, wooden bowls, and more – made by the Baerreis Family.